What are the Different Kinds of Roofs? Know Your Options

Roofing materials are available in a wide range of options. Before you decide on what type of material you would like to install, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of every kind.

The five different kinds of roofs 

Asphalt shingles

This is the most commonly installed roof for many reasons.

Pros: Asphalt shingles are not only affordable and easy to install, but they also offer a wide variety of colors and styles, allowing homeowners many design options. They also offer good wind resistance.

Cons: Their lifespan is 15-30 years. Hail or extreme temperatures may cause damage, and they are not as fire-resistant as some other materials.

Metal Roofing

Pros: Metal roofs are very durable and have a lifespan of 40-70 years. They are fire-resistant, low maintenance, and reflect heat, which can reduce cooling bills.

Cons: Metal is more expensive than asphalt shingles and can be noisy during heavy rain or hail. They are also susceptible to dents from damaging storms.

Tile Roofing

Pros: Tile has a very long lifespan, 50-100 years. It is fire-resistant, beautiful, and adds a luxurious look to your home. It comes in a variety of materials, such as clay tiles, concrete, or slate.

Cons: Tile is the most expensive roofing option, and its heavy weight requires a strong roof structure. Clay and concrete tiles are susceptible to cracking, and slate tiles are even more expensive than the others and require specialized installation.

Wood Shingles and Cedar Shake

Pros: Natural and aesthetically pleasing, wood and cedar shake offer excellent insulation. They can be fire-resistant with proper treatment.

Cons: Regular maintenance, such as staining and cleaning, is required. If your roof isn’t properly treated, it is also susceptible to rot and insect infestation. Also, this type of roofing material may not be allowed in some areas due to local fire codes.

Rubber Roofing

This type of roofing is most commonly used on mobile homes.

Pros: They are very affordable, lightweight, and suitable for low-slope roofs. They have a lifespan of 30-50 years.

The cons are that they are not as nice-looking as some of the other options and can suffer damage, such as tears or punctures.

Are there different kinds of roofs made of other materials?

Yes, some recent developments in roofing materials, like composite shingles, offer the look of slate or wood shakes but are durable and easy to install, like asphalt shingles.

Photovoltaic shingles

They are an eco-friendly option because they are solar-powered shingles. They integrate with your roof and generate electricity for your home.

Choosing the Right Material

There are many different kinds of roofs, but certain factors must be considered, such as the weight of the roofing material, maintenance requirements, and local availability of materials.

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