Columbia Window Replacement

Window Replacement in Columbia & Beyond

We offer window replacement and window installation in the Greater Columbia area

If you are considering an upgrade to your home, new windows offer many advantages. They play a critical role in your home’s overall function and design.

If you notice drafts, higher energy bills, or want a new look, then window replacement can be an excellent investment.

Window Types

We offer the following types of windows:

Operating Windows: windows that open and close.

  • Double-hung windows: Both the upper and lower windows slide vertically, allowing for ventilation control.
  • Single-hung windows: Only the lower window (sash) slides up and down. 
  • Casement windows: Hinges on the side, allowing windows to open outward.
  • Awing windows: Hinges at the top so the window opens outward like an awning. 
  • Slider windows: Glide horizontally on a track—space savings and easy to operate.


Fixed Windows: This type of window doesn’t open.

  • Picture windows: Large, fixed panes of glass that offer open views and natural light.
  • Transom windows are fixed windows positioned above doorways or other windows to complement your architectural style and allow additional light.

Specialty Windows: Bay windows, bow windows, garden windows, and skylights are all specialty windows that add architectural style to your home.

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Benefits of New Windows

The benefits of window replacement include better indoor temperature regulation, reduced outside noise, increased natural light, lower energy bills, and improved aesthetics.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Your House

New windows significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency by offering improved insulation against the elements.  

Also, Low-E window coatings on the glass will reflect heat, keeping the cool air inside during the summer and warm air in during the winter. New windows also protect against drafts.

Safeguard your home for generations with Southern National.

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Window Replacement Process

A typical window replacement in Columbia starts with:

Consultation: Our team will inspect your home, measure windows, discuss material options, and provide an estimate based on your choices and the number and size of your windows.

Permitting: Based on local codes and regulations, relevant permits may be required before beginning your replacement project.

Window removal: Protective sheeting is put down to protect your furniture and flooring from debris.

Safely removing old windows: Our experienced technicians will remove your existing windows, including your window sash (movable frame) and the window frames.

Frame preparation: Your window opening will be prepped to ensure your new window fits properly. Minor adjustments or the installation of wedges (shims) may be used to achieve precise window alignment.

Securing the window: The new window is held in place with screws or nails. Depending on the window type, additional waterproofing materials may be added for optimal sealing.

Finishing: Any gaps around the window frame will be filled with insulation materials, and the perimeter is then sealed with caulk to prevent leaks and water infiltration.

To complete the installation, interior and exterior trim will be installed around the window frame inside and outside your home.

Clean-up and removal of old debris and leftover materials.


How much does it cost to replace windows?

The best way to determine the cost of window replacement in Columbia, SC, is to schedule a FREE, no-obligation inspection with Southern National Roofing.

We will give you an estimate based on the number, style, and size of the windows you need.

Cracked/broken glass, rotting/warping frames, drafty windows, high energy bills, condensation on the panes, and difficulty opening or closing your windows are all signs you need window replacement in Columbia, SC.

Replacing your windows can be a significant investment, but the benefits gained far outweigh the cost, making window replacement a great choice.

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