Roof Inspection

Your home’s first line of defense against water damage is your roof. Knowing it is in good working order is easy if you call Southern National Roofing for a FREE, no-obligation inspection.

A roof inspection in Raleigh is the first step when deciding if you need a new roof.

Our trained professionals will perform a detailed inspection of your roof and attic so there are no surprises. We’re committed to transparent business practices, so you can trust our advice.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovative techniques, and personalized service sets us apart.

What Our Inspection Include

For an accurate assessment of the current condition of your roof we check the following:

  • Shingle condition. Cracked, brittle, or missing shingles or granule debris
  • Damaged joints or flashing
  • Leaks
  • Holes
  • Missing fasteners
  • Wear and tear
  • Deformed edges
  • Algae or mold growth
  • Sagging
  • Ridge vent damage


We also inspect your attic for water damage and leaking.

After Southern National Roofing completes a detailed inspection, we advise you on the next steps so you can be confident that a roof replacement or repair is necessary.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

A roof inspection in Raleigh gives you the peace of mind that your roof is in good working order. If your roof has issues, you can move quickly to stop any potential damage to your home.

If your inspection reveals the need for a new roof, we will guide you through the selection process to find the roofing materials that will meet your color, style, features, and price point to fit your budget.

We can also guide you through all our financing options, discounts, and $0 down payment plans.

Typical issues a roof inspection can find

Our detailed inspection can reveal leaks, water damage, missing or cracked shingles, flashing problems, rotted roof underlayment, sagging, ridge vent damage, and other structural issues.

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How often should you have your roof inspected?

A general rule of thumb:

  • Roofs under 5 years old: Every 3-5 years.
  • Mature roofs, 5-10 years old: Every 2-3 years.
  • Roofs older than 10 years: Every 1-2 years.


A roof inspection, Raleigh is also advised after severe weather events, visible signs of damage, and before you sell your home.

Southern National Roofing offers a FREE, no-obligation inspection and detailed evaluation of your roof’s condition.

We offer quick response times. In most cases, same-day inspections and estimates.

To get started, call Southern National Roofing at (919) 769-2160 or book through our website to schedule your free inspection.

You should schedule a roof inspection, Raleigh if you see visible damage such as leaking or water damage, missing or broken shingles, flashing problems, algae or mold growth, or underlayment issues.

Severe weather is another time to schedule an inspection to be sure your roof hasn’t suffered any damage.

Age is another factor that necessitates an evaluation. If your roof is older than five years, regular inspections are advised to maintain the integrity of your roof’s structure.

At Southern National Roofing, we make roof replacement hassle-free. Our detailed inspection report and estimate tell you precisely what replacement/repair costs will be, so there are no surprises.

We also offer a variety of financing options and discounts to make your new roof affordable.

Our factory-certified installers ensure your roof installation goes smoothly. Finally, you get a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee. Schedule your free inspection today!

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Our Process

From inspection through installation, our streamlined process ensures your project is handled with care, consideration, and communication—every step of the way.



The process begins with a thorough inspection of your current roofing system.

Our experts will assess the condition of your roof to identify any issues or potential concerns.



Following the inspection, we’ll go over our findings and discuss your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Together, we’ll nail down a plan, offer a project timeline, and get your project scheduled—as soon as the next day.



Throughout the installation, you can expect regular communication and minimal interruption to your daily life.

When we wrap up, we’ll conduct a thorough clean-up, leaving you with only a beautiful new roof.

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For more than 10 years, we’ve helped our neighbors in Charlotte and beyond transform their homes. And now, we look forward to giving you the peace of mind that comes with smart, lasting investment.

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